MARK 51°7 –
The Interdisciplinary Innovation District

Are you looking for a property close to a renowned university? Do you want to coorperate with businesses right next door? Come to us!

Urban Work Environments in the Ruhr Metropolis

Bochum is located in the center of the Ruhr Metropolis. This means: first-class infrastructure, efficient networks and a huge sales market. As the third largest metropolitan area in Europe with more than 5 million inhabitants, MARK 51°7 is quite literally in the heart of Europe.

Location is not everything though. It is extremely important for us to develop a district that builds on Bochum's strengths as a city of knowledge. But science alone is also not enough to be competitive. Company, culture or talent, Bochum is the first-class location for living, learning and working.

Are you interested in buying property?

Nearly 99% of the area has already been sold to well-known investors. Further information on the area can be found in our presentation Knowledge Creates Economy.

Do you want to rent an office space?

Not every company in the area needs to buy its own property. The investors Harpen, Zetcon and Landmarken AG have already built several very successful buildings on MARK 51°7. Additional office buildings for different uses with integrated platforms such as co-working spaces and FabLabs have already been are planned. These also offer smaller companies and start-ups the opportunity to learn and grow in a unique environment with other companies.

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