Space Equals Opportunity

Knowledge Creates Economy

Knowledge is a city's most valuable resource, and MARK 51°7 will be an essential site for knowledge production in Bochum. Modern, technology-oriented companies, as well as research institutes that are looking for close contact with businesses, can be found on the almost 70-hectare site.

Following our aspiration that ‘Knowledge Creates Economy’, the exchange of knowledge and collaborations between companies and start-ups is strengthened with platforms for new work on MARK 51°7. One thing is clear: ideas are developed here that will have a lasting impact on our future!

Bochum Perspektive GmbH

The primary task of our company is the development and marketing of the industrial areas in Bochum that are no longer used by Opel. After starting as a non-profit public-private partnership with Opel Automobile GmbH, the City of Bochum has been the sole developer of the area since the beginning of 2021. Funding for the project is provided by the state North Rhine-Westphalia and the district government. This includes both the flagship project MARK 51°7 and Plateau Nord, which currently serves as a language and qualification center for immigrants.  

In just five years we have already written an exemplary success story in city development. MARK 51°7 was even awarded the highly regarded polis Award for urban land recycling in 2019. We can therefore rightly speak of an 'excellent' project!