Plateau Nord

In August 2017, Bochum Perspektive GmbH acquired 76,000 sqm of space from Opel Automobile GmbH in Bochum-Langendreer.


The 7.6-hectare section of the former Opel Plant 2 is located north, six meters above the new Opel goods distribution center and is therefore also known as the "Plateau Nord" (i.e. Plateau North). The former press shop is currently located in the area.

There is a training workshop in the western section of the Plateau Nord, which the language and qualification center for immigrants "" has been using since 2017.

The Language and Qualification Center for Immigrants ( initiates and supports professional perspectives for people with a migration background.

For this purpose, Opel Automobile GmbH provides its machinery and teaching materials. The thus has professionally equipped workshops, practice areas and training rooms for up to 250 participants.

Over 1,600 people have already participated in the project. The QuAZ will be financed with state funding until the end of 2022.