Open. Friendly. Green.

Quality of Life

We deliberately develop MARK 51°7 together with the City of Bochum to ensure direct integration into an already thriving neighborhood. For many decades there has been little exchange between the area and the neighboring district of Laer. Now we think and realize these connections together. While MARK 51°7 is the heart of working and learning, the adjacent Residential Park East is the future center for living in Laer.

The area, which was previously closed and sealed off from the public, will thus become part of a lively city quarter. With its numerous green areas and public spaces, MARK 51°7 will invite you to linger and exchange ideas. This creates a space for recreation and leisure in the immediate vicinity of the company, but also for residents in the neighboring districts.

MARK 51°7 fits seamlessly into the city of Bochum and thus also includes everything that makes this city in the Ruhr Area so unique. You can find more information here.